Nutrition Coaching

Individualized health coaching includes comprehensive support and guidance to help you meet your personal health goals. Whether it’s losing weight, developing better eating habits, changing your relationship with food, or improving certain health conditions, together we will create a program that will not only get you to where you want to be, but will give you the tools to keep you there. Personalized health coaching can be done in person or virtually if you are not local to the Boston area.

How Does It Work?

The first step is scheduling a free 30-minute consultation (either in person or virtual) to discuss your health and lifestyle goals. Everyone’s body is different, and things like blood type, metabolism, and genetics all play a role in how certain foods affect our health. By learning more about you and your health history, I can create an individualized program that will work best for you.

What Does the Program Include?

  • Identification of food sensitivities and intolerances

  • Learn what foods work best for you, and the tools to ditch the foods that don’t make you feel your best

  • Ongoing support, accountability and motivation

  • Work to achieve your ideal weight

  • Increase energy levels

  • Understand your eating patterns/habits and break the ones that do not serve you

  • Learn about new foods and recipes that will help you achieve your health and weight goals

  • Improve your relationship with food

  • Customized Meal Plans and Recipes based on your individual needs and preferences

  • Learn easy tips to continue to make healthy choices in social situations, restaurants, and while traveling

  • Pantry Makeover/Grocery Store tour: figure out easy food swaps, learn to decipher food labels, and fill your pantry with healthy foods that are within your budget


Customized Meal Plans

Customized meal plans are a great way to save time without sacrificing the quality of your diet. After a free 30-minute consultation where I will learn more about your goals, food preferences, lifestyle, budget, and any food sensitivities, I will create a customized daily meal plan with recipes, snack ideas, portion sizes, and shopping lists. Perfect for busy moms or professionals! 

Grocery Store Tour and Pantry Makeover

Out with the old, in with the new, healthier foods! If you are overwhelmed by where to start, or how to keep a healthy pantry within your budget, I can teach you simple ways to navigate the market, make easy swaps, and decipher food labels. Whether it’s quick weeknight meals, pantry staples, or healthy snacks for school lunches, I can show you how to shop in the healthiest, most efficient way!

Healthy Kids


What could be more important that what we feed our children? When kids incorporate healthy eating habits at a young age, it can improve their academic performance, sleep habits, and mood. It can also prevent long-term health issues as they get older, such as obesity and chronic disease. In other words, what your kids eat does matter. As a mother of two young children, I understand the challenges that can arise at meal times. I don’t believe in deprivation and I believe that kids should be kids, but I also think it’s important to teach them the value of good nutrition in a fun, age-appropriate way so that they start to make healthy choices on their own. These are tools that will serve them for the rest of their lives and will set them up for better health as adults and increased longevity.

Corporate Wellness

As a former attorney, I am well aware of the health challenges that can come along with a high-stress job. When employers support their employees in improving their health, the benefits are tremendous: lower healthcare costs, fewer sick days, increased productivity, higher employee satisfaction, and a higher retention rate. Wellness programs in the workplace are also a fun way to create a sense of community and synergy among employees. Corporate wellness programs can be tailored to suit your company’s needs to ensure maximum employee participation and benefit.

Programs may include:

  • Biometric Health Screenings
  • Personalized Nutrition Assessments
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Interactive Workshops
  • Physical Fitness Programs
  • Blood Pressure/Cholesterol Management
  • Healthy Sleep Habits
  • Cooking Classes
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Smoking Cessation

For more information and pricing options, please contact Kate.

Group Sessions and Workshops

Workshops and group sessions can be created and customized for any audience and age group. Workshops are interactive, motivating, and are a fun, informal way to learn about different topics in nutrition. Ideal for school groups, moms' groups, community centers, sports teams, health fairs, retirement facilities, medical offices, grocery stores, and fitness studios/gyms. Some examples of workshops include: 

  • Healthy Cooking Demonstrations

  • On-the-Go Nutrition

  • Nutrition Basics

  • School Lunch Workshops for Moms

  • Healthy Food Swaps for Adults and Kids

  • "Eat the Rainbow" Workshop for Kids

  • Fueling a Young Athlete

  • Sugar Detox Workshop

  • Gut Health Workshop

  • Demystifying Food Labeling Laws

For more information on group sessions/workshops, please contact Kate