Juice Plus makes whole food nutritional products for adults and kids, including raw fruit and veggie capsules and chewables, plant-based omegas, and plant-based protein powder. Juice Plus is backed by over 35 published peer-review clinical studies and is an absolute staple in our household. 
   The Inspiralizer is, hands-down, my favorite kitchen tool. It makes noodles from most fruits and veggies, and is a fun and delicious way to get more healthy foods into your diet. My kids will also eat most anything that is in noodle form! 

If you grow it, they will eat it! Tower gardens are indoor/outdoor aeroponic gardens that require no soil and very little water. My kids love picking our seeds and watching our veggies and herbs grow. 
Granolas are touted as a "health food," but are often very high in sugar. This is my favorite granola because it has no sugar, no grains, 2 net carbs and high fiber--but is somehow still delicious. 
Kids love to have options when it comes to their meals, and once I incorporated these lunch boxes, I definitely saw a difference in the amount my kids were eating. The stainless steel also keeps the food cold and fresh. They are definitely an investment, but they are sturdy and will last for years.


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